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We were born as refrigeration specialists, but we anticipated the sector’s changes and transformed ourselves into a technology company. Now, our experience and our innovative nature have enabled us to design a software for industrial facilities and, in particular, for refrigeration and HVAC equipment.


What is Gradhoc?

Gradhoc is a technology company formed by a team of multidisciplinary and seasoned engineers. Although our story as Gradhoc begins in 2021, we were born in 2016 in the heart of an industrial company with a strong technological and innovative DNA and almost four decades of experience in the industrial and commercial refrigeration and air-conditioning sector.

“Technology developers with refrigeration
expertise and DNA”

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Gradhoc offers technological solutions that enable the transition towards Industry 5.0. It is a platform that integrates technologies such as loT, digital twins and AI. 

It is a software specialized in commercial and industrial refrigeration that manages all your facilities in real time as a comprehensive Cooling Management System.

You will be able to implement an integrated energy management system, you will optimize your resources (both materials and human) and you will take your maintenance activities to the next level. All with the highest energy efficiency possible.


Thanks to Gradhoc our
clients are able to:

Know what your facilities are like

Reduce energy consumption

Optimise maintenance work

Ensuring food safety


Gradhoc in numbers

kWh saved
cost reduction
of maintenance



Our team is a group of highly qualified and experienced people with industrial DNA. It is made up of industrial engineers, automation and energy efficiency engineers, software developers, IoT and machine learning analysts, physicists, experts in statistics / big data / in mathematical and statistical models.

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