Smart refrigeration in retail: supermarkets

The rapid technological advancement of today enables the retail sector to leverage business intelligence tools with artificial intelligence to integrate commercial refrigeration as a key element to enhance the shopping experience of its customers, reduce carbon footprint, and address the need for energy cost reduction.

Refrigeration facilities account for the highest proportion of energy consumption in commercial spaces compared to their total energy bills. Refrigeration equipment and furniture can represent up to 65% of the total energy cost of a large retail space.

The new refrigeration strategy for retail necessitates the implementation of a real-time data measurement and analysis system. This system enables cost optimization through continuous improvement actions facilitated by the development of predictive and optimization systems, utilizing the execution of self-executing intelligent actions. This shift allows for departure from the traditional refrigeration model, characterized by a lack of data and 100% field maintenance, towards a refrigeration model where 70% of actions are self-executing, with efficient energy management.


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